Boy with a toy

Recently, I decided to take up seriously something that has interested me since childhood — photography.┬áHaving armed myself with a brand new Canon 1000D (it pinched the pocket, but it was worth it), I went on a ‘shoot-at-sight’ mission. Here are some of the pictures I took. Do I ┬áhave potential? You tell me.

My daughter Sadiyah, who turns 7 on May 13, 2010. She's as excited about the camera as I am.

She loves the camera. And the camera loves her.

My friend Saleem Bhatri has a new buddy. The little fella is Rohan, my friend Prem Menon's son.

If the light's good and the angle right, even a novice photographer can manage a halfway decent shot.

Like I said, if the light's good...

Summer's here and the buds are blooming. It's time for some flower power.

Sadiyah is very attached to these plants. She keeps an eagle eye on the way they are watered and nurtured. Sometimes, she even talks to them.

Cactus close-up.

Barbie, Hannah Montana and colour pencils. What a wonderful world.